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Back to school is a time filled with anticipation and excitement. It’s your opportunity for a new beginning, your time to hit the reset button. And all this excitement comes down to starting the school year with a fresh set of tools to help give you the best possible start to the academic year.

Trouble with acquiring the best tools for the job, is that they often come with a heavy price tag. According to National Retail Federation, this year the average back to school spending for college students is expected to be at about $916.48, this is about 9.5% higher than previous year’s spending which was averaging about $836.83. And as your college requirements keep rising, it’s more important than ever to choose where and how you would like to spend your money.

Yet another thing about going back to college after a long break is that, you might require some help to get back in the groove, for doing your college homework.

What if we tell you that we can make all these problems go away?

Classof1 brings you “Back to School Offer 2014″. This year, you can go to school with a free Amazon Gift Card when you get homework help from Classof1.com.

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So all it takes to get a free Amazon gift card is that you make a purchase from Classof1.com for more than $99. It’s as simple as that!

What you get?

When you pay more than $99 while you get homework help from Classof1, you’re entitled to get a free Amazon gift card. And as your order value goes up, so does the worth of your Amazon gift card.

The table below clearly explains about the Amazon gift card you’d get, based on your purchase value:

Purchase Value

Amazon Gift Card Worth

$100 to $299


$300 to $599


$600 to $999


$1000 and more


How it works?

All you have to do is to upload your homework help orders at http://classof1.com/homework-help, and while making the payment you’re asked for the email address that you would want the gift card to be sent to.

Make sure you enter the correct email address here, since it’ll be impossible for us to retrieve your gift card once it has been emailed to you.

It would take a maximum of 7 working days, to complete the processing of your free Amazon Gift Card and for you to get it in your email inbox.

As simple as that!

So what are you waiting for? Upload your homework help order here, and get your free Amazon Gift Card.
Hurry now, the offer ends on 7th August, 2014!!!

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Get set to fight your way through your homework and get back your summer fun, with Summer Savings at Classof1.

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