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One of the things that can smooth your passage into college is learning a new language. In California, high-schoolers tend to favor Spanish and on the east coast it is Chinese.

But languages that help you get work and go up the ladder are not spoken. They go by names like Python, Rails or JavaScript ? the languages of computer coding. They are slowly gaining much importance, that they are essentially

You learn them in night classes, through online instruction. Since you don?t need to worry about how you ?pronounce? them, you absorb them through infographics. If you make an error no one will burst out laughing in public.

Popular among these languages are ? you guessed it! ? the ones that help web construction and iPhone apps. Those who opt for these say they?re investing in a future where the Internet will be the bedrock for education, entertainment and everything else. And all of us would love to come up with a killer app, right? As one writer put it, knowing how the digital pieces fit together will be crucial to ensuring you?re not left in the dark ages.

You learn these languages without quitting your job. After all, you need skill upgrading for the job you?re doing. You are asked to customize a blog design, you are asked to feed and maintain online databases. And well, what should stop you from being the next Mark Zuckerberg?

Basic understanding of the code to build web portals is as necessary as a basic grip of the English language. Web is how the world is getting organized increasingly. It is a good idea, as many workers have found out, to take classes in HTML and WordPress, to start with. If you are a woman, helping you on this is Girl Develop It, a New York-based organization that offers lessons for women in many cities.

Come on, you don?t become a coder overnight with these lessons. No, you can?t crank out a website after 5 classes. But you certainly understand how web languages function within the Internet. It?s a good start.

Some time ago, Stanford put out 2 free computer science classes online. It was taken by some 100,000 students. Udacity and Treehouse promise to teach web design. General Assembly is adding seven classrooms to keep up with the demand for programming classes.

There are  dozens of sites catering to the learn-to-program market. Check out Code RacerRails for ZombiesCoderDojo. One that got written about is Codecademy, a start-up based in New York. It walks site-visitors through interactive lessons in various computing and Web languages like JavaScript. It shows you how to write simple commands.

Newspaper reports put the number of loggers to the site at one million. The frenzy around it was kicked up when Michael R. Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, made a public New Year?s resolution to use the site to learn how to code.

The site is free. Its creators hope to raise funds by connecting newly-hatched programmers with recruiters and start-ups.

So all set to get started to become code literate?

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