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Websites That Make Studying Easier

Posted on November 18th, 2012 under Study Tips

It’s a big hassle to bookmark the list of useful online resources  for education, since it’ll be in a mess with a bunch of  bookmarks and most often we tend to forget that we have a useful online resource available to do a particular assignment, especially while we are doing that assignment. So we at Classof1 have tried to organize a list of most useful websites that would make it easier for you to study. So here are a list of websites which would you help you with your assignments and studying:

website for education

Making education easier.

Teux Deux

We’ve already seen that to-do lists are very important for being more productive in college. Hence you’d love Teux Deux, since it’s a simple, designy to-do app. The app syncs on your browser as well as on your mobile, so you’re always having access to add to or check off things from your to-do list.

Google Scholar

Google?s amazing web search engine capabilities for searching articles and legal documents only.  This is a tool that you’d keep using while doing your assignments, as a reference tool. This, in my opinion the best search tool that you’d use while doing your research papers.


If you’re looking for the best set of tools to make your studying process easier, look no further than iTools.com. It lists the best tools for getting a list of jobs done (it’s sorted by category, making searching for a job so much easier).


This is the Wikipedia of  all terns related to the internet and computers. So if you need explanation or definition for anything related to computers, webopedia.com is the place that you’d go to.


The statement “A picture is worth a thousand words”, is something that is very true especially when it comes to assignments. Especially the flowcharts can make the whole learning process a lot easier, and even difficult concepts can be made a lot easier.  This site, can help you make your very own charts, and thus making the studying process, easier and more effective.


This is a task and online project management site which is free to use. It’s extremely useful especially if you’re working in groups.


And last but not the least, there’s Classof1, which makes getting help with assignment from qualified tutors so much easier.

So what other tools do you use, to make studying and doing assignment easier?



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